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graduation stoles

  • Alpha Phi 2013

    The Sash Company custom made these Alpha Phi Fraternity Sorority Graduation Stoles. 

    We are Collegiate licensed. We area able to use the Official logos, seals, crest and Greek lettering for your Fraternity or Sorority.      

  • Alpha Phi Omega Graduation Sash Stoles 2016

    We, at The Sash Company can design your Graduation Sash Stole with your fraternity or sorority crest or logo!

    Pictured are examples of Graduation Stoles that we have made.  

  • Angelina College - Since 2007

    We, at The Sash Company appreciate our corporate clientele, and Angelina College is one of them.

    Pictured is an commencement ceremony of graduates wearing our custom made Graduation Stoles.    

  • Biology & Chemistry University Graduation Stoles

    The Sash Company customized these Biology & Chemistry University Graduation Stoles for our Clientele's needs.

    Ultra Satin Honor Gold pointed Graduation Sash Stoles with embroidered lettering.

    Yes! We can. How can we be of service to you today? Let us assist you with your graduation needs.  

  • Cal State LA Grad Stole

    We, at The Sash Company are always pleased to get special request to custom design Graduation Stoles.

    Pictured is a Cal State Los Angeles Graduation Stole custom made for a graduate.

    Permission had to be granted for this Marine by Administration to wear his stole, so it's University approved!    

  • CSU Sacramento Grad Stole

    The Sash Company enjoys getting photos of clientele graduations in their customized sash stoles! 

    Featured is a CSU Sacramento Grad Stole custom designed and personalized. 

  • High School Graduation Stoles

    We, at The Sash Company custom make Graduation Stoles for one or a thousand!

    Graduation sash stoles can have your school's name, logo and graduating class embroidery.  

  • Kellogg Honor College Convocation Stoles

    Kellogg Honors College Convocation Graduation Stoles were designed and custom made by The Sash Company.

    The Sash Company enjoys being a part of special ceremonies and this one's included.

  • Loyola Marymount Place Commencement Graduation Stoles

    Commencement Ceremonies are always exciting and when we, at The Sash Company get the opportunity to custom make Graduation Stoles for bulk orders we are thrilled!

    Pictured are graduates from Loyola Marymount place wearing their custom designed stoles.  

  • Omega Nu Kappa Graduation Sash Stoles 2013

    We, at The Sash Company embroider Fraternity Sorority Stoles for Grade School, Middle School, High School and College University Graduations.

    Pictured are Custom made Grad Stoles with bordered trim, Greek lettering & personalized!    

  • Phi Iota Alpha Graduation Sash Stole 2015

    Pictured are examples of Fraternity Graduation Sash Stoles that we, at The Sash Company can make for you!

    We have stock graduation stoles in our store, or create your own using our custom Sash Designer .

    Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have, click the "Chat Now" or give us a call!  


  • Pi Kappa Alpha PIKE Fraternity Graduation Stole

    Pi Kappa Alpha PIKE Fraternity Graduation Stole

    The Sash Company is an Official Collegiate vendor. Yes, we can place your Greek club seal on your graduation stole.

    Pictured is a new designed PIKE Fraternity Grad Sash Stole.

    Order Yours Now

  • Prytanean Honor Society Graduation Stoles

    Pictured are UC Berkeley Prytanean Honor Society pointed Graduation Stoles in our Ultra Satin Royal Purple.

    The Sash Company custom made these Grad Stoles for the University of California, Berkeley.   

  • Society of Women Engineers Graduation Stoles

    Society of accomplished young women engineers wearing their custom designed stoles made by The Sash Company.

  • Student President Stoles

    We, at The Sash Company can customize and embroider, catering to our Clientele needs.

    Pictured is an Custom Made Tiffany Blue pointed tip Stole embroidered several different directions with text lettering.

  • Teacher Appreciation Graduation Stole

    We got a call from a grateful student wanting to surprise their teacher. Teacher Appreciation Graduation Stole

    Pictured is a custom designed Teacher Appreciation Graduation Stole.

    Proud moment for us, at The Sash Company and for them!

  • University of La Verne Graduation Sash Stole

    University of La Verne Graduation Sash Stole:

    The Sash Company creates what you design.

    We do our best to match the colors of your University, Fraternity, Sorority or College Club.