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Custom Graduation StolesGraduation time is special, a once in a lifetime event that celebrates your personal achievements and all your hard work. A custom graduation stole is the perfect way to celebrate your school affiliations, extra-curricular activities, honors, fraternity or sorority as you walk across that stage.

A custom grad stole is not just a lasting memento that you will treasure forever. It's also the best way to share your individuality and personality while respecting and honoring the traditional attire of graduation. A custom graduation or Greek stole lets you celebrate what makes you special, yet still fit right in with your graduating class.

The Sash Company has been helping graduates create lasting memories with custom graduation stoles for over a decade. Chosen as the official sash designer and supplier to the Miss America Pageant and many other prestigious pageants worldwide, The Sash Company brings the same experience, top quality service and attention to detail in our graduation stoles.


Why choose The Sash Company for your graduation stole?

Custom Embroidery Graduation StoleYou want to be absolutely sure your stole comes out perfect.

To finally achieve graduation, you've spent years doing things right. So of course you want to make sure you get it right at this once in a lifetime event. Our helpful sash design specialists understand. We're here to help you design the perfect graduation stole, for just you or for your entire fraternity, sorority, group or club. The very same design experts who design award sashes for famous pageants like Miss America are available to help you design the perfect graduation stole.


You want a professional look, with the highest quality available in a grad stole.

The Sash Company uses only the best quality materials like ultra heavy weight satin and Madeira embroidery threads. We proudly hand craft each and every stole from our offices in California, USA.


You want to make sure your grad stole arrives on time.

No matter what price you pay or how beautiful a stole is designed, if the company you order from can't deliver, it's a disaster on grad day. We encourage you to order early to avoid rush fees and higher shipping charges, but regardless of when you order, The Sash Company guarantees to get your graduation stole order to you on time for the big day. No matter where you are in the world, yes, we can get your stole to you on time!

Just For You

Custom Graduation Stoles

  • Celebrate your entire college life
  • Show your affiliations, volunteer work and more
  • Create an individual look for grad day

Learn more about individual graduation stole options

For a Group

Custom Graduation Stoles for Groups (Greek, Fraternity, Sorority, Clubs, etc.)


For Greek & More

  • Affinity-Consultants-Color_OLP_Seal_Image_png_ Graduation Stoles for Greek, Fraternity, Sorority & MoreGet matching stoles with personalization for your group
  • Choose from stock fraternity or sorority graduation stoles, or create a custom Greek design
  • Get free shipping on bulk orders of 5 or more stoles!
  • Create custom designs for any group or extra-curricular organization (band, theater, clubs & more)
  • Get personal design assistance from The Sash Company's design experts

Learn more about bulk group orders for graduation day

Bulk Bookstore Orders

Bookstore Bulk Graduation Stole Orders

  • Follett approved vendor for graduation productsDifferent price point options to fit your budget
  • Order from an approved Follett vendor
  • Stock items can be shipped display-ready
  • Bulk orders are individually packaged & labeled for easy student pickup
  • Allow students to personalize their graduation stoles within an approved school design
  • Free shipping for all bulk bookstore orders

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