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Nationwide Foundation And PageantMRS Nationwide sash tr 09102018 MISS Nationwide sash 09102018The Nationwide Charitable Foundation’s mission is to provide scholarship awards within a competitive system designed to enhance educational and career opportunities for young women. By encouraging young women to serve as positive role models through service, personal development and volunteerism in their communities, the Foundation provides opportunities that foster self-empowerment, personal confidence, and serve the community.”

This is the Mission Statement of the Nationwide Foundation and Pageants! Their passion for service and personal growth are reflected in the exquisite design of their sashes, flawlessly embroidered in hot pink with metallic silver accents and bordered in platinum with aurora borealis rhinestones.

National sashes are orderable by the Nationwide Foundation national office exclusively. State and local sashes may be ordered online below.


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State Sashes

MRS Nationwide sash stateThe Miss and Mrs. Nationwide State sash continues the tradition of poise and purpose by including their logo, hot pink trim, a sparkle of metallic silver thread, and a single row of dazzling crystal rhinestones! Timelessly Beautiful!


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Local Sashes

MRS Nationwide sash localThe branded elegance of the Miss and Mrs. Nationwide is echoed in all levels of their pageant and the local level sashes continue this. Embroidered at the shoulder with their logo, metallic silver title and accents, and hot pink border this local sash is just lovely!


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