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Blessed Trinity Triquetra Symbol White Clergy Stole Trim Border with Fringe

$72.49 each
Blessed Trinity Triquetra Symbol Premium White Clergy Stole with White Border and Fringe:
Premium Ultra Satin White with border and fringe Clergy Stole has the Celtic Blessed Trinity ( Father, Son and Holy Spirit ) Triquetra symbol embroidered on the front side. Ideal for the Ministry.
  • White Ultra Satin Clergy Stole with border and fringe embroidered with the Trinity Triquetra symbol
  • Commercial quality Ultra Satin fabric and Madeira threads
  • Hand sewn and trimmed
  • Professional embroidery
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand wash or dry clean recommended
  • Dimensions: Full length
  • Made in California, USA
Proudly made in the USA