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Miss World LogoMiss Eco USA National Sash

Miss Eco International

Miss Eco International is an International Beauty competition that brings together representatives of different cultures & traditions from all over the world. Its main purpose is to promote the importance of saving our planet environmentally in addition to marketing tourism across the globe.

This competition focuses on the wellness of mind, body, & spirit of all the candidates that represent all the countries from all over the planet.

The National Sash Collection is a white satin base with Hunter Green embroidery outlined in metallic gold. This is finished with an honor gold border adorned with 2 rows of Swarovski Crystals for your "Miss."


*Note: National Sash can only be ordered through the National Office.

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MRS Nationwide sash localState Sashes

State pageant contestant sashes are bordered in Swarovski Crystals on the front of a white satin sash with honor gold border and hunter green embroidered logo and lettering. Custom made with the state you're competing for.


MRS Nationwide sash localLocal Sashes

This gorgeous white satin sash features hunter green embroidered lettering and shoulder logo with an honor gold border and can be customized for your local Miss Eco International pageant!


MRS Nationwide sash localMiss Eco Teen USA National Sash

Miss Eco Teen International is an international beauty contest founded by the Ecospire Company youth for empowerment and Eco. The pageant is a prestegious international event bringing together girls 16 to 19 years old from all over the world; our delegates will empower young women to be more self-confident and accept themselves and all their imperfections. The main objective of the contest is to choose the best Teen Queen to be the voice of every teenager facing insecurities and other issues, as well as promoting the idea of taking care of our planet from a young age.

This elegant national sash comes encrusted with 2 rows of Swarovski crystals around the border front and back of a white satin sash with honor gold border. The shoulder logo and lettering is embroidered in hunter green thread and 'Miss Eco Teen USA' has an extra metallic gold border for an extra pop!


*Note: National Sashes can only be ordered by the Miss Eco International office.

MRS Nationwide sash localTeen State Sashes

Luxurious and refined this white satin sash for contenders in state Miss Eco Teen International pageants has a single row of Swarovski Crystals on the border of the front and hunter green embroidery!


MRS Nationwide sash localTeen Local Sashes

This stunning white satin sash features an honor gold border and hunter green embroidery for competitors in local Miss Eco Teen International pageants.