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The One and Only Official Miss Universe Sash

Miss USA Official Logo

The Miss Universe Sash is a symbol of unity, embodying the aspirations of countless  inspirating and incredible women across the globe whose aspiration and dream is to wear it one day.  From the first stitch to the final pressing, the Miss Universe Sash collection sets the standard as the best in the Universe, hand created by the finest couture seamstresses and always  with the world’s finest imported materials, where strength and beauty collide.  As Miss Universe travels the world, each and every day, her Sash will sparkle with her!

Miss Universe


Miss Universe Country Sashes


The OFFICIAL SASH for ALL Miss Universe Countries! Beautifully handmade with the title of each country, this sash will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond!  

This Official Miss Universe Sash can only be ordered by Authorized Miss Universe Directors.

Miss Universe Embroidered Competition Sash

Miss USA Local Sash

The iconic Miss Universe embroidered competition sash!