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Miss Petite USA logoMiss Petite USA National Sash

Petite USA

Petite USA is a beauty pageant highlights women and girls who have a figure that is... well, petite! Its main purpose is to give women under 5'6" the opportunity to be a voice and spokesmodel for other petite women across the world and show that height makes no difference when dreaming big.

These dreamers will compete in swimsuit, evening gown, judge interview, and on-stage questions to earn their titles.

The National Sash Collection is a white satin base with the Petite USA logo embroidered in graphite with a black outline, the title in metallic graphite with black outline, the year in black, and the border outlined in three rows of rhinestones.


*Note: National Sash can only be ordered through the National Office.

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Petite USA State Pageant Sashes

Little Miss American Pageant local 300x300The Petite USA state pageant sash pops with its custom gray border and black and graphite embroidery on white Ultra Satin. This clean, two-tone design is timeless and compliments any color and design meaning that your titleholders can get creative with their looks and trust that their sash will still incredible with it. Its layout follows the same format as the local sash for perfect continuity.

Petite USA Local Pageant Sashes

Little Miss American Pageant local 300x300This local sash for the Petite USA pageant has a clean design embroidered on white Ultra Satin. The black and graphite threads have a classy elegance that goes with any swimsuit, dress, or ballgown, so you know your titleholders will always look stunning no matter what outfit they choose. The logo and division on the shoulder and the year on the hip complete this beautiful piece.