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The Sashes That Unify the USA

With grace and perseverance, The Miss USA of today is a well versed queen of her time who writes her story in an impactful world. A world that exists because of the history of our fellow female pioneers who paved the way for her. More than just a pageant, Miss USA is a community of empowered women who are committed to making a difference in the world going on to become successful businesswomen, philanthropists, and leaders in their communities. We are proud to be a part of their journey and look forward to continuing to empower and inspire young women across the world.

Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2023


Miss USA State Sashes


The Official Miss USA State sash for all state competitions!  Custom embroidered in branded colors and traditional fonts with Precioso rhinestones front and back!  A sash to wear proudly across your state and beyond!

This Official Miss USA Sash can only be ordered by Authorized Miss USA personnel.

Miss USA Local Sashes

Miss USA Local Sash

The Official Miss USA Local sashes  - beautifully branded.

Miss USA Teen Sashes

Miss America TEEN Logo

The Miss USA Teen Division empowers and provides Teens all over the nation with opportunities to discover and empower their best selves and make a positive difference on their communities, states, and even nation!

Miss Teen USA 2024

Miss USA Teen State Sashes

Miss USA Teen State


The Official Miss USA Teen State sash, just like her older sister, custom embroidered to rock the Miss USA brand!.

This Official Miss USA Teen State Sash can only be ordered by Authorized Miss USA personnel.

Miss USA Teen Local Sashes

Miss America's Teen Sash Local

The Official Miss USA TEEN LOCAL sashes  - beautifully branded to compliment all levels of the Miss USA system.