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  • Bridal Sashes

    The Sash Company Bridal Collection

    A Bride to Be Sash Worthy of Miss America

    'Bride-to-Be' and matching Bridal Party Member Sashes for Bachelorette Weekends, Bridal Showers, & Hen Parties

    Our motto at The Sash Company is “Celebrate Life’s Achievements,” and celebrating our Brides with a gorgeous Bride to Be Sash is on the top of our list.

    When we think Bride, we think grace, elegance, fabulous, bling and more. After all, it’s an occasion to be celebrated. Why not celebrate in style with one of our Fabulous Bridal Sashes that will last through every pre-wedding party and event?

    It’s a true keepsake that can be treasured forever, helping you shine in every group photo and selfie you take as you approach the big day.

  • Graduation Stoles

    Greek & Grad, Fraternity & Sorority Graduation Stoles

  • Pageant Sashes

    Beauty Pageant Sashes for Miss America and Many More

  • Clergy Stoles

    Christian, Religious Symbols and Non- Denominational Designs

  • Accessories

    Crowns, Tiaras, Pins, Sash Garment Bags, Fashion Fix Tape, Gift Wrap and More