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The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!

The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!
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Dominique Wilkins

Meet Dominique Wilkins. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Coppin State University, Summer 2019.

Like many students who attend college, she had her moments where she wanted to give in. The late nightslong hours, endless studying for results that didn’t seem to pay off. Through the support from her family, friends and faith she was able to stay focused on her academics. Her career choice falls hand in hand with her passion as she truly enjoys caring for others. Since childhood, she was constantly exposed to the healthcare field in great ways. Dominique’s parents both worked in the VA Hospital so it was inevitable that she would graduate with a degree in healthcare. Soon, more of the family lineage will follow suit as her niece stated that she would also like to become a nurse like her Aunty Dominique. This shows the great influence one can have on the next generation coming up.

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Meet our dear friend, Adam Lee Davis. He must be our #1 FAN

It all started in 2006, while Adam was watching the Miss America pageant on CMTV, he saw a hanger labeled “The Sash Company." He then became curious about our company and after one custom sash order, he became a returning customer. Like many of our customers, Adam was impressed with the quality of our custom sashes and impeccable customer service.

Susan Fochs, Miss America – Miss South Central has been involved in the Miss America organization for about 8 years.

What many people don’t know about the Miss America organization and some of the most prestigious pageants are the scholarships that can be attained. Just like Susan, being a part of the Miss America organization was the pursuit for a college scholarship, that became a pathway to walking in her purpose of helping active duty service members and veterans.

Custom Graduation Stoles vs Stock Stoles?

The question most graduates run into – Do I order a custom graduation stole or do I stick with the stole in my graduation bundle?

Graduation day can be pretty overwhelming.

What if I’m late?


Christy Lopez, Miss Earth’s – Elite Miss Southwest came by the office to pick up her Sash. She was a breath of fresh air. We were so overwhelmed by her kindness and down to earth personality. Other than wearing her Sash around, Christy wears many hats. She is an event director, producer, on camera host, model, actress, philanthropist, just to name a few.

When the Embassy calls your office to place an order for a sash, it is a true honor. The United States Ambassador, Ambassador Jawad, requested his assistant procure a sash for a high formal event, the Annual Red Cross Ball. It is a night when Crown Nobles and Country Dignitaries come together for a common cause.

The call from the Embassy came after his office had researched sash companies across the globe. There were strict requirements and protocol that needed to be followed in the making of this timeless piece.

Mayor of Pomona, California, Elliot Rothman dons his Mayor’s sash, complete with the city logo, at the nation’s largest fair – the Los Angeles County Fair, hosted in his hometown.

At the annual mayoral shin dig, Rothman was certain his sash would be a hit and sure enough, the other mayors wanted one too!

Your friend says, “Let’s take a selfie.” You’re smirking inside because you wonder if you really had a choice to begin with.

The word “Selfie” is used to describe a self portrait taken of yourself with your smartphone. If you think selfies are just for teenagers or young adults – boy, you are wrong.

We were so thrilled that Miss America’s - Miss Sierra Nevada, Shalei Heflin came by for a visit. She came in to get her Sash cleaned and tour the office for a bit.

During her wait, we truly got to know the amazing woman behind the Sash. Shalei’s platform with Miss America is Strength in Separation: Furthering relationships between incarcerated parents and their children. This platform has been so near to her heart because of her own personal journey with her parent’s incarceration.

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