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The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!

The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!
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3 fun ways to CUSTOMIZE your Graduation Stole!

Graduation season is around the corner and there is no time like the present. I have seen many graduates procrastinate when it comes to preparing for GRAD DAY.

Graduation stoles have remained the tradition for many schools and college graduates. Even Fraternities and Sororities have made it a tradition to customize matching graduation stoles and sashes for their group. Here are 3 fun ways to customize your graduation stole:

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According to Pageant Planet, Sashes by The Sash Company have been rated the Best Pageant Products of 2019.

We are so honored to be recognized with this great achievement. The Sash Company started on Angelique Barnum’s (CEO) kitchen table in 2002 making her very first graduation stole for her husband Robert Barnum. She discovered a niche market that eventually became the production of – All things Sash and Stole. Almost two years later, with a logo, website in place, and orders coming in, a production company from Los Angeles requests a sash sample. Which to Angelique’s surprise later found out it was for the Miss America Pageant.

Hello 2020. New year. New goals.

So, what’s NEW for The Sash Company in 2020?!!



Recognition is something all individuals feel we need more of. Feeling seen makes an employee feel appreciated. And you know what they say - A person who feels appreciated will do MORE of what is expected than a person who does not feel appreciated. This is because being recognized is in alignment with feeling appreciated.

Recognition drives productivity. Remember back in grade school? Teachers often rewarded students with a gold star for good behavior and good work. The gold star was something to strive for. It pushed students to work hard just to receive those sparkly, shining stickers. I know I did. Now, as adults... Are we really any different? The answer is NO. Employees want to be recognized for their contributions. They want their work to have purpose. And when recognition is not given, it’s like ignoring their presence.

I am so thrilled to finally announce the expansion of The Sash Company. Growth can be scary but necessary when thinking of the longevity of the company. For the CEO of The Sash Company, Angelique Barnum - this has been an anticipated dream that has now come into fruition. What was once 1,776 square footage of space is now double that. Imagine the possibilities and potential for growth here at the office. So many BIG things coming. Don’t worry, we promise to let you in on it very soon.

To think it all began on Angelique’s kitchen table with her family. Angelique is constantly asked.. what inspired her. She explains, it all started with her husband, Robert Barnum. He and his colleagues didn’t have a graduation stole ready for graduation. Because of her sewing background, she decided to take on the task of sewing graduation stoles for Robert and his friends.

Ahhh… The family reunion. You either love it or you absolutely dread it.

Planning and attending family reunions is such a great tradition to keep alive. And it’s one of those things you don’t always appreciate until:

Meet Dominique Wilkins. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Coppin State University, Summer 2019.

Like many students who attend college, she had her moments where she wanted to give in. The late nightslong hours, endless studying for results that didn’t seem to pay off. Through the support from her family, friends and faith she was able to stay focused on her academics. Her career choice falls hand in hand with her passion as she truly enjoys caring for others. Since childhood, she was constantly exposed to the healthcare field in great ways. Dominique’s parents both worked in the VA Hospital so it was inevitable that she would graduate with a degree in healthcare. Soon, more of the family lineage will follow suit as her niece stated that she would also like to become a nurse like her Aunty Dominique. This shows the great influence one can have on the next generation coming up.

Meet our dear friend, Adam Lee Davis. He must be our #1 FAN

It all started in 2006, while Adam was watching the Miss America pageant on CMTV, he saw a hanger labeled “The Sash Company." He then became curious about our company and after one custom sash order, he became a returning customer. Like many of our customers, Adam was impressed with the quality of our custom sashes and impeccable customer service.

Susan Fochs, Miss America – Miss South Central has been involved in the Miss America organization for about 8 years.

What many people don’t know about the Miss America organization and some of the most prestigious pageants are the scholarships that can be attained. Just like Susan, being a part of the Miss America organization was the pursuit for a college scholarship, that became a pathway to walking in her purpose of helping active duty service members and veterans.

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