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Mrs United States Logo ColorMrs. United States National SashThe Mrs. United States National sash is a treasure that one will hold on to for a lifetime!  Four rows of imported rhinestones, exquisite embroidery - the most sought after prize in this prestigious pageant!  Orderable by Mrs. United States National office exclusively.

State Sashes

Mrs United States State SashTo represent your state wearing this Mrs. United States state sash is an honored accomplishment!  With the logo finely embroidered on the shoulder, the state down the front, United States and year at the bottom.


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Local Sashes

Mrs. United States Local SashThe Local Mrs. United States sash is simply elegant!  The beautiful logo embroidered on the shoulder, city name down the front, state and year at the hip, makes the wearer recognizable from the moment she steps into a room.


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