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The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!

The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!

5 Tips to Prepare for Graduation Day!

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Graduation day can be pretty overwhelming.

What if I’m late?

What if I don’t look right?

What if I trip?


So many emotions and feelings come into play when thinking of preparing for the big day.

Let me help. I want share 5 tips that will leave you feeling confident, saying to yourself – “I’m a big deal. I got this!”

Tip #1: Make a list.

The great part about this, if you make a list and plan it twice, procrastination won’t find you.

First and foremost, be sure to order your custom stole ahead of time. Allow at least 4 weeks for customization.

And, check with your school for the cap and gown orders.

For the most part, they do a good job ensuring they arrive on time. This should give you ample amounts of time to try them on and visualize how you would like to look on your big day. .

Tip #2: Open the package.

When you receive your graduation attire, open the package. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen graduates open their package on the day of and realize something is missing or doesn’t fit right.

You can easily check this problem off your list and just open the package.

Next step, try it on. The best way to alleviate the stress of not looking right is to see it for yourself.

Tip #3: Pick out your outfit.

It’s always a good idea to put everything together beforehand.

If you scheduled graduation photos before the big day, this will be the perfect time to see the full look.

Of course, it’s not like your prom day. However, since you will be walking across the stage to receive your diploma in front of your family and friends you will want to look your best.

For the young gentlemen, they usually wear suit or slacks with a dress shirt. For the young ladies, they usually choose a nice dress.

You will be standing and walking a lot on this day – and don’t forget the thousands of selfies. Wear comfortable shoes, your feet will thank you the next day.

Tip #4: Go over the agenda.

Know the agenda. Like studying for your final exam, study your agenda.

Although, you won’t be quizzed on it, you will feel more relaxed and at ease when you arrive on time and in line with your fellow graduates.

There’s nothing worse when you feel rushed and late on your graduation day.

This goes for your fans in the stands as well. Usually, there is no assigned seating for guests, so you may want to kindly remind them to arrive on time.

Saying it kindly will still put you in line for the great graduation gifts.

Tip #5: Catch your Z’s

Graduation day is a big deal. You will want to be fully rested.

Shoot for at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Studies have shown that proper rest makes you feel happier and healthier.

Your skin will look more radiant and your eyes brighter.

Remember, family and friends will be cheering for you and strangers with cameras will be taking lots of photos!


In this case, just smile because you came across this blog ahead of time and went through all the 5 tips.

Congratulations, Graduate. You did it. This is your moment. Own it.

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