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The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!

The Sash Company Blog

Where we share all things sash & stole!

Wedding Dress Trends for 2023


You’re engaged and it’s time to pick the wedding dress. You’re about to see just how much 80s style is back with full force. And this is where the fun really begins. Trips to the bridal store with the ladies, mimosas, and lots of boards on Pinterest. Of course, the first thing you need to think about is style. But what are the latest wedding dress trends and what exactly is a wedding belt or sash

Current wedding dress trends don’t change as often as you’d think, but every few years the bridal collective consciousness does shift and we see new and exciting wedding dress trends. 

So what do the next few years of the roaring 20s have in store for you and your wedding dress? Let’s take a peek. 

Flower Power?

weedding dress flowers

Ok, we don’t mean bright-colored hippy flowers that you would find on waterbeds. We’re talking about floral patterns in lace and on bows. Out with the simple silk of the past and in with floral accents on the bust and on the train. Flowers are in and they are the hottest current wedding dress trend on the market. 

And we’re not mad at it. 

This wedding dress trend is so versatile that you can expect it to last a little while longer. So if the big day is still a few years away, floral patterns are a great trend to follow because it will still be in style for the next few years. 

You can find lots of floral wedding dress inspiration on Pinterest

Wedding Belts

katie treadway orx51ggGFJE unsplash

You’re going to see the terms wedding belts and wedding sashes thrown around a lot in the coming years. These silk, custom, high-quality sashes are just the cherry on top of your already fantastic ensemble. 

What makes these wedding belts so great? Well firstly, they are trending and all the rage right now. But secondly, they are light and beautiful. When you’re cutting a rug at the wedding with your 2nd cousin who you haven’t seen since she was in high school, you’re going to want to take off as much as you can. 

You’re load shedding at the reception and it’s easy to pull off anything you don’t want to come between you and the rug that you’re presently cutting. So feel free to take off the wedding belt, or remove everything else and keep your wedding belt on to make sure you still look just as stylish and elegant on the dance floor. 

Tie it all together with some wedding belt inspiration on Pinterest and you can design your own custom, high-quality wedding sash here

Big, Bold, Beautiful

big and beautiful wedding dress

Wow, did Stranger Things really have this much of an impact on pop culture? The 80s have merged with the 2020s to bring back iconic flow, bigger wedding dress elements, and even bigger statements. 

Silk flow is back in business and so are long trains, so start getting your flower girl ready to lift that material. 

Bigger wedding dress elements can be seen in longer veils, puffy shoulders, and even frilly and floral busts. 

And the statements are bold. If there is one thing that the 80s did well it was bold statements. Short skirts are also back in style and so are high-waisted dresses. So start streaming some 80s romantic comedies to get some ideas. 

And if that doesn’t work, check out the 80s style wedding dresses on Pinterest

Pearls & Stones

thomas ae KRPCwGCzUJs unsplash

Speaking of raiding your mother's closest for ideas from the 80s, pearls and stones are back in such a big way. 

There are just so many ways to implement a really stylish pearl in the right place. Consider the veil, the bouquet, and the wedding belt. All great places to get a few pearls or rhinestones put into action. 

You can go over the top with pearls and stones (in a good way), or even just make a few tasteful additions, and the result will be a stylish, trendy wedding dress. 

This current wedding dress trend is really the best to come full circle out of the 80s. If you’re still unsure, check out these pearl and stone trends on Pinterest

It’s Bow Time

tom pumford dx9Ff8xe7r0 unsplash

Okay, terrible puns aside, bows are now all the rage. Again, this is where the 80s influence seems to be rearing into all things wedding related. The current wedding dress trends could be picked up in an 80s wedding dress catalog. 

Style is cyclical and bows are in. Bows for the shoulders to give your dress that larger-than-life appearance and bows for the veil. These are the most common wedding dress trends that we are seeing out on the wedding circuit. 

Stylish sleeves with larger bows are what’s hot right now and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

You can find so much more wedding dress bow inspiration on Pinterest

Okay, so everything tends to go wrong at a wedding. It’s like Murphy himself shows up and starts laying down his Murphy’s Law on every little thing. And it’s not like you’ve been planning this day forever or anything so of course, it’s fantastic when things go wrong.  

And what’s one thing you have more control over and more time to plan than anything else… Your wedding dress. The only thing you need to worry about is how you look, how it fits, and if it’s your style. 

So take control, start browsing trends, and find the perfect fit, for the perfect day! 

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