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Our new Bride to Be Bridal Sash Collection

A Bride to Be Sash Worthy of Miss America.

The Sash Company Bridal Collection

Our motto at The Sash Company is “Celebrate Life’s Achievements,” and celebrating our Brides with a gorgeous Bride to Be Sash is on the top of our list.

When we think Bride, we think grace, elegance, fabulous, bling and more. After all, it’s an occasion to be celebrated. Why not celebrate in style with one of our Fabulous Bridal Sashes that will last through every pre-wedding party and event?

It’s a true keepsake that can be treasured forever, helping you shine in every group photo and selfie you take as you approach the big day.

Bride To Be Sash - Gold

Designed by Miss America 2017 Savvy Shields! It doesn't get much brighter than this! This sash features an absolutely stunning three rows of hand-pressed gold rhinestones on a white sash with gold embroidery to make your special day perfect!


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The Radiant Triple-Row Rhinestone Bride-To-Be Sash

Designed by Miss California 2018MacKenzie Freed! If you want to shine bright like a diamond from across the room you're in the right place. This sash features an eye-catching three rows of hand-pressed Crystal AB Rhinestones on a white sash with trendy Rose Gold embroidery to make sure your bride squad is seen!


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Bride To Be Sash - White and Metallic Silver

Light up the night or sparkle in the day with our Silver on White 'Bride-to-Be' Sash featuring a double-row of pure-white rhinestones! With this sash- the spotlight will always be on you at your bachelorette party or bridal shower.


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Bride To Be Sash - Black Text

Celebrate your special day with our Graphite on White 'Bride to Be' Sash with a single-row of white rhinestones. These gems are so bright you'll be seen from across the room by your glow alone!


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Bride To Be Sash - Black & White

Simple yet sophisticated. This hand sewn and professionally embroidered sash will ensure that you stand beautifully in the spotlight on your special day, without being too flashy. This masterpiece is made of Ultra Satin fabric and high-quality threads -- an amazing addition to an amazing day


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Bride To Be Sash - Black w Rose Gold

Looking for bridal sash with a gorgeous rosy glow to match your "I'm getting married!" smile? This sash combines a unique rose-gold metallic thread and elegant black ultra-satin fabric. It's a bridal sash that makes everyone take a second look as you walk by and looks great in any kind of photo lighting.


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bride to be silver 750x650

Are you a woman who believes why use three words, when one will do? "Bride" is embroidered gracefully in silver metallic thread on crisp white bridal satin. The edges are trimmed with a silver satin fabric border. This bridal sash speaks simplicity and class at the same time.


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