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Miss Earth Logo transpMiss Earth United States 2015"Continuing a Legacy for Beauty and Responsibility" is the mission of the Miss Earth United States pageant and this sash helps to define their vision.

Embroidered in deep purple and bordered in gold-cup aurora borealis imported rhinestones, this sash is captivating! 

Orderable by Miss Earth Unites States National office exclusively.


State Sashes

2015 Miss Earth United States STATE SASHThe State Miss Earth United States is gorgeous!  Bordered and embroidered in royal purple and one row of aurora borealis rhinestones on the front, the division and logo are stitched on the shoulder, and title and year across the front.  Lovely!


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Local Sashes

2015 Miss Earth United States LOCAL SASHMiss Earth United State's Local sash - simply elegant with the logo and title embroidered on the shoulder, title and year across the front in their signature royal purple and lavender. 


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