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Pink Lotus Flower on Black Clergy Stole

Pink Lotus Flower on Black Clergy Stole:
This premium Ultra Satin Black Clergy Stole embroidered with the Pink Lotus Flower is representative of creation, rebirth, enlightenment and purity. Ideal for religious events, indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Worn by those of Egyptian, Buddhist and Hinduism faith, and Interdenominational.    
  • Pink Lotus Flower on Black Clergy Stole with Border and Fringe
  • Commercial quality Ultra Satin fabric and Madeira threads
  • Hand sewn and trimmed
  • Professional embroidery
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand wash or dry clean recommended
  • Made in California, USA


  • Dimensions of this Stole; 84" Long x 5" Wide
  • Dimensions when worn: 42" Long x 5" Wide
  • Alternative sizes available, please call for pricing
  • Alternative sizes available: 74", 94" and 114 inches long 
Proudly made in the USA

$58.99 each