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Presbyterian Church Symbol Red Clergy Stole with Double Border and Fringe

$92.49 each
Presbyterian Church Seal Symbol Premium Red Clergy Stole with double border and fringe:
This premium Red Ultra Satin Clergy Stole with double border and fringe has an beautiful embroidered design with the Seal of the Presbyterian Church. Includes the cross, fish, descending dove, book-scripture, lectern or pulpit, burning bush, Pentecost fire and Trinity. 
  • Red Ultra Satin Clergy Stole double border black & White with Black fringe embroidered with the Presbyterian Church seal symbol
  • Commercial quality Ultra Satin fabric and Madeira threads
  • Hand sewn and trimmed
  • Professional embroidery
  • 100% Polyester
  • Hand wash or dry clean recommended
  • Dimensions: Full length Clergy Stole
  • Made in California, USA
Proudly made in the USA