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Americas little miss Princess 2015
Precious!  The America's Little Miss National sashes are bordered with hot pink imported satin and double row rhinestones, embroidered with the logo, division, title,year and signature pink daisys! So Pretty!

State Sashes

Lily Regional state sash

The America's Little Miss State sash collection is just charming!  Delicately embroidered logo and division on the shoulder, state title down the front, and the signature daisies at the bottom with the year - all bordered in pink! Adorable!


Toddler State Sashes

Americas Little MissToddler STATE SASHThe America's Little Miss State Toddler sashes are so pretty!  Just like their big sisters - embroidered logo, division, title, year and the sweet signature daisies!




Local Sashes

Americas Little Miss Local sashLocal divisions fit right into the cuteness category with these sweet sashes!  Logo and division on the shoulder, local title down the front, state name and year on the bottom with the signature pink daisies! Precious!


Toddler Local Sashes

Toddler Local Americas Little Miss Sash

Darling  sashes for the darling toddlers!  Simplified a bit, these sweet sashes include the logo, division and title.  Super cute!