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MissAllStar Logo Miss All Star United States NATIONAL Sash

“A true American beauty.”

This top quality pageant is to help the empowerment of women of all ages who feel that if they can dream it and believe in their dreams they can achieve their dreams because an All-Star shines in every area of her life.
This collection of sashes can only be ordered by Authorized Miss All-Star United States personnel only.



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Miss All-Star State Pageant Sashes

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A pageant sash of elegant grace is created in our pure white satin material with Navy trim that is then wrapped in a single row of crystal-clear rhinestones front and back. The year is delicately placed at the end of the sash in a metallic silver thread. Finishing at the top, we have the detailed Miss All-Star logo for each division that will be represented with the corresponding title on the sashes.