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October 15th is National Learn a Word Day, so The Sash Company felt it was appropriate to do some research and find some of the more obscure English words related to weddings!

Planning the perfect wedding can be as stressful and frustrating as the amount of money required to make it all happen, so we’re all for ideas that can help take some of the load off the soon-to-be wed couple and save them some money in the process. This is why we’re so excited to share a lesser-known tip we came across to stock the bar of your wedding for pennies on the dollar! In this blog post we’ll tell you how to get the free booze, some fun ideas for themes and games, as well as recommendations to avoid some of the pitfalls that can come with this plan.

Weddings are getting more and more expensive every day, which is why many couples have begun to embrace the idea of a ‘Stock the Bar’ bridal shower or bachelor/bachelorette party. Instead of bringing traditional wedding gifts or things from a registry, guests are encouraged to bring some liquor, bottles of wine, or cases of beer. All that booze can be used to stock the bar at your wedding reception which can save you THOUSANDS on the bar tab. For example, if you have 10 people at your party and each brings two one-liter bottles of liquor that’s roughly 450 drinks for guests you no longer have to foot the bill for!